1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones (H1006)

1 Year Local Singapore Warranty

  • WAVES NX HEAD TRACKING TECHNOLOGY- Delivers a hyper-realistic 3D audio experience. Nx automatically tracks your natural movements immersing you into a virtual reality audio environment indistinguishable from being in the game or movie theater.
  • 7.1 CHANNEL SURROUND SOUND- For a revolutionary 3-dimensional gaming and entertainment experience. Stay ahead of the competition with crisp audio precision and an immersive soundstage.
  • 50 mm MAGLEV GRAPHENE DRIVER- Get in the game with superior sonic detail and Super Bass VR Shock Wave for high-impact bass and sound you can FEEL.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE CANCELLATION (ENC)- ENC Dual microphone technology filters out background noise for crystal clear communication with teammates or opponents.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE LED LIGHTING- Over 16 million customizable color options for personalizing your gaming style and experience. LED tube can either be extended or shortened for optimal use. 
  • ADDITIONAL 3.5 mm CONNECTOR- Premium stereo only sound experience on gaming consoles, Mac OS, or mobile devices.

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