Astell&Kern Odyssey Limited Edition IEMs

1-Year Local Warranty.

Journey to Sound Perfection



Empire Ears x Astell&Kern

A Benchmark Collaboration founded on the same passion for the extraordinary

Astell&Kern is always challenging the possibilities of infinite sound and striving for the purest sound imaginable. We wanted to fully convey the groundbreaking sound of the newest flagship A&ultima SP3000, which was created by our continued efforts, through the best IEM that deserves it.

Empire Ears is an uncompromising and prestigious manufacturer of IEMs that combines innovative design with the latest technology. Astell&Kern and Empire Ears collaborated to create Odyssey, a new IEM that exhibits the world class sound found in both Astell&Kern and Empire Ears flagship products.


Empire Ears’ never-ending pursuit of the extraordinary drove them to build an IEM that is unashamedly without compromise. Nothing else matters, but the most immersive listening experience. With technology harnessed from the Odin and Legend EVO Empire Ears has distilled everything they’ve learned into this epic collaboration to create the next generation in-ear monitor, Odyssey.

Our two legacies are proof that attention to detail and visionary innovation conceive magnificent design. Never before has this been truer than with the partnership between two extraordinary companies collaborating to construct a revolutionary new in-ear monitor category.


Empire Ears is an avant-garde summit-fi and innovate in-ear monitor company. A record-breaking tradition courses through our history – the result of pushing the boundaries of in-ear monitors to achieve higher standards in ultimate performance.

"The Odyssey has been an extraordinary adventure in engineering and it's forced me to focus on new technologies and unconventional processes. The idea was to build an IEM of extremes, one worthy of bearing both the Empire Ears and Astell&Kern name. No half measure. No compromises. We had to use everything in our arsenal to break new barriers."

- Dean Vang, Founder of Empire Ears


New Rules

We look to the future with a visionary approach, carrying our pursuit of extraordinary to the extremes. Our advantage is that we champion invention over convention. Our efforts have produced many world’s-first technologies that have changed the IEM industry forever and the Odyssey is no exception – it is a technological showcase.

Quadbrid Design

Even with low-volume quantities, we develop and build several of our own bespoke drivers rather than outsourcing them from other manufacturers. Doing so gives us the freedom to develop groundbreaking technology unrestricted by industry limitations or compromises. The Odyssey is proof of concept of the incredible engineering at Empire Ears.

At its core is a proprietary 10 drivers Quadbrid system composed of twin W9+ Subwoofers, 5 Balanced Armatures, dual Electrostatics and a W10 Bone Conductor. With 7-way synX cross over network and EIVEC MKII engine, harmonize all 10 drivers of Quadbrid System, ensuring perfect coherence and timing throughout its remarkable 5Hz-100kHz frequency response range.

W10 (Bone Conductor)

- Otherworldly imaging, nuance retrieval and timbre are achieved via bone conduction from our W10 Bone Conduction Ultra Driver. (Full Range)

Five Balanced Armature Drivers

- Custom spec’d Knowles (Upper Mid - High) and Sonion balanced armatures (Lower Mid - Mid) are commissioned with a single-minded purpose of reproducing only the most pure, breathtaking mid-range frequencies.

Dual W9+ (Subwoofers)

- Legendary, unparalleled bass reproduction is made possible by our purpose-built, W9+ subwoofers. (Sub bass - Bass)

Dual Electrostatic Tweeters

- Distortion-free, lightning-fast transient response and hyper treble extension from Sonion electrostatic drivers ensure unparalleled transparency. (High - Ultra High)


Dual Conduction Architecture

Empire has a long history of developing innovative, in-house solutions aimed at maximizing in-ear monitor performance. Our no-compromise philosophy inspired the development of our Dual Conduction Architecture – a revolutionary method of audio reproduction through both air and bone conduction to maximize listener immersion with a sound that you cannot only hear but feel, guaranteeing the purest experience possible.



General Specifications


10 Driver Quadbrid, Dual Conduction Design

Dual W9+Subwoofers
Five Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers
Dual Electrostatic Tweeters
W10 Bone Conduction Ultra Driver

4.4mm Bespoke Effect Audio ARES II UPOCC Copper Litz Cable / Pentaconn Termination
4.4mm to 3.5mm Pentaconn adapter

Aluminum ENIGMA Shell

Frequency Response

100dB @ 1kHz, 1mW

2.1ohm @ 1kHz

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