Chord C-Lite Toslink to Toslink-3m

*WARRANTY: 1 Year Local Warranty

Product details of Chord C-Lite Toslink to Toslink-3m

The Chord C- Lite Optical Toslink To Toslink cable features a wide bandwidth PMA optical cable with polished ends to help further improve on bandwidth. An internal soft PVC jacket protects the central conductor; this jacket is then covered by a hard skin PVC outer jacket, preventing any crush damage and retaining enough flexibility as to allow for a tight bend radius, all without affecting the light carrier. This cable is equipped with Toslink to Toslink connections and is available in 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 10m variants.

  • Soft PVC inner jacket to protect the central conductor
  • Hard PVC outer jacket to prevent crush damage
  • Bandwidth is improved through polished ends
  • Uses a bandwidth PMA optical cable

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