Chord Company Shawline Analogue RCA Cable

1-Year Local Warranty.

Chord Shawline 2RCA to 2RCA Cable

Chord Company ARAY cables were developed using our then flagship Sarum cable range. The Shawline analogue cables use a similar ARAY conductor geometry and exhibit a similar degree of musical transparency. Shawline Analogue cables can transform the performance of amplifiers DACs, CD players and streamers.

ARAY cables require a high degree of precision that can only be achieved with painstaking hand assembly. Chord Company Shawline is built using FEP insulated silver-plated conductors and a composite shielding material that works over a wide bandwidth and also reduces mechanical noise. The cable is assembled within a flexible plastic tube chosen to further reduce mechanical noise.

Shawline Analogue RCA cables are turntable-ready as standard.

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