Chord Company Signature Tuned ARAY Analogue RCA Cable

1-Year Local Warranty.

Chord Signature Tuned ARAY Analogue RCA Cable

Signature Tuned ARAY RCA cable uses separately shielded silver-plated oxygen-free copper conductors with Tuned ARAY conductor geometry, PTFE insulation and dual high density braid shielding which is effective to very high frequencies.

The latest Signature RCA cable is fitted with PTFE plug surrounds. While not as strikingly beautiful as the previous marbled acrylic versions they produce a markedly better performance.

There’s a degree of extra clarity and a reduction in mechanical noise.  Enough of an improvement for customers with older cables with acrylic plug surrounds to return their cables to be fitted with the PTFE version.

Available in 1m and 1.5mn lengths.

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