Custom Design INERT FILLER

The benefits of Inert Filler and mass loading speaker stand support column(s) will be to enhance the performance of your speakers and the speaker stand support.Custom Design only recommend the use of the official Inert Filler with all of the products manufactured by Custom Design..Highly recommended for speaker Stands and Centre Channel Speaker Stands, the volume required of the specialist Dampening Material Inert Filler depends upon the Initial Mass Of speaker support and the diameter and length of support columns.

Mass loading and dampeningåÊthe centre support column(s) is an important initial upgrade. Once mass loaded to our recommended amount, the performance will be particularlyåÊnoticeably to the bass frequencies, with a more controlled and precisionåÊtiming to the bass frequency. If you feel the bass still requires enhancing and control then add a little more Inert Filler.

For over 26 years Custom Design haveåÊrecommended only Inert Filler foråÊall of theåÊspeaker stand designs. With constant research and development we haveåÊnot foundåÊa more appropriate speaker stand resonance dampening material. åÊåÊ

Inert Filler is aåÊspecially sourced material for dampening speaker stand support column(s). The particle size of 1mm to 2mm with angular features provides an ideal material for applying andåÊmass loading speaker stand supports.

Inert Filler isåÊan inert material, none resonant,åÊnone magnetic with theåÊdense consistency andåÊangular particleåÊsize. These angularåÊshapes helpåÊprevent the presence of any voids (pockets of air) occurring inside the support column(s), eliminating as much as possibleåÊof theåÊair inside the support column andåÊdampening any possible resonance influence from the speaker stand support column(s).

As a simple guide to follow,åÊCustom Design recommend at least 2 bags of Inert Filler per 600mm column if it is not supplied as standard. Please be aware that we have found over mass loading can have a detrimental effect on the performance of your speaker, removing any benefit especially to the bass frequency timing and precision. If the bass frequency requires more control then please add Inert Filler in 100g increments

The advantages of Inert Filler, supplied in dryåÊindividual sealedåÊbags oråÊboxes of 8, is a none magnetic material, a none resonant material,åÊwill not rust andåÊapplication isåÊsimple. Perfect for dampening speaker stand support column(s) and easy to apply.

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