DD DJ35AG/ DJ44AG 2.5mm Balanced Female to 3.5mm / 4.4mm Male Headphone Jack Adapter, Audio Converter for Earphone / DAP

1-Year Warranty


The DJ35A and DJ44A are the first two earphone adapters that released by DD company, which had an important guiding significance to the adapter products released after that. The small and exquisite appearance provides great convenience for the audiophiles in using earphones with different plugs on output devices with different terminations.


The original DJ35A and DJ44A are mainly in silver, in order to provide one more color option, the upgraded gold versions DJ35AG and DJ44AG are now specially released. Compare to the original silver color, the upgraded gold versions changed the three decorative rings from original color of stainless steel to gold-plated stainless steel, and the 2.5mm socket from black to transparent. 


Shiny Gold

The upgraded gold version is not only pleasant to the eyes, but also very durable. The gold-plated covering on stainless steel has strong adhesion, which is unlikely to fall off easily as the plastic material or gold-plated copper.

 Visible Inside

The 2.5mm socket was changed from the original black to transparent, which allows you to see the inserted plug.


Hello 2020

From the natural color of stainless steel on the original 2019, to the gold color on the all-new 2020, our intention remains unchanged to make your music life more wonderful.


Owing to the difference, the gold version is slightly higher in price than the original silver, and the two versions will be simultaneously available on the market.


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