Dekoni Audio Choice Leather Replacement Ear Pads for Sony WH1000Xm3 Headphones

The Dekoni Audio Ear Pads for the Sony WH1000Xm3 are the pinnacle of ear pad engineering. Utilizing Cutting edge technology and measurement devices Dekoni has been able to make an ear pad that not only improves the Passive isolation by this headphone by about 6db but also accentuated the sound of the WH1000Xm3. The plastic attachment bracket is already included in the box as well as a pair of the ear pads.

Fits Sony WH1000XM3

With the Dekoni Choice Leather you get a synthetic vegan alternative to real Leather that you won‰۪t believe isn‰۪t the real thing. It‰۪s super soft, offers great isolation, and is paired with Dekoni‰۪s signature high density, slow rebound memory foam for a great fit for long listening sessions ‰ÛÒ even if you wear glasses.

Warning: Please note these pads are for the Grey/Black version of the WH1000XM3.åÊ While it is very uncommon, it is possible for the material to sweat and release some black dye which could permanently stain the beige version of this headphone.åÊ If you have had this issue and purchased prior to 11/01/19, please email us pictures of the headset and a copy of your sales receipt to set up a warranty claim.


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