Labkable Amethyst In-ear Audio Cable

1-Year Local Warranty.

Master Series


  • 6w
  • Use of OCC Silver as conductors.
  • Labkable WeaveTech cable structure design(Patent Pending).
  • Hyper Quantum cable running treatment (HQT 100) 48 hours before the cable is released.

IEM Cable Review

The Amethyst consists of six wires of 99.9992% pure OCC Silver, the purity of the conductor has been certified by the SGS Group. Prior to being released labkable gave the Amethyst a pre run-in of 24 hours using their Quantum cable running treatment. They use an ultra pure and medical grade PVC jacket for each wire. According to them, this insulation is responsible for the best possible flexibility and comfort.

Labkable says it themselves, there is no perfect cable, and I fully agree. Rather than one cable to rule them all, it is a matter of mix and match. Finding your preferences and getting there with trial and error. All comparisons are done to the stock cable.

Headfonia by Linus



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