Labkable Takumi II IEM Cable

1-Year Local Warranty.


Master Series

Takumi II


  • 8 wire
  • Combine the use of Silver-Gold, Silver Alloy and OCC copper as conductors with skilled craftsmanship and balanced tone.
  • Hybrid design and WeaveTech structure use to lower the magnetic field and vibration during signal transfer.
  • Hyper Quantum cable running treatment(HQT 100) 48 hours before cable is released.


IEM Cable Review

“There is a significant improvement over stock cable in terms of midrange resolution, imaging, separation and stage depth. Its overall tone and low frequency performance is not the best, but still natural and satisfying. I would definitely recommend Takumi to who needs to add some openness to tone and create more alive presentation. Nice and impressive aftermarket cable.”

HeadFi. Org by MikePortnoy


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