Morel SoundSpot SP-2 (1 Piece)

*WARRANTY: 3 Year Local Warranty

To be a satellite means very small and discrete, on the other hand the need to reproduce as much of the audio spectrum as possible requires a relatively large enclosure. The Morel solution is to fashion a sphere using advanced metal processing that is strong yet light and only 1mm thick, preserving significant and valuable internal volume.

The SoundSpot‰ã¢ SP-2 steel sphere houses a 4‰Û_ (100mm) coaxial driver with 1.2‰۝ (32mm) high temperature voice coil for the mid/woofer unit, and a ferrite magnet system. The tweeter is a soft dome, å_‰۝ (19mm) liquid-cooled voice coil, neodymium magnet motor.

The SoundSpot‰ã¢ SP-2 spherical design, whilst ideal from an acousticåÊstandpoint, also lends itself to a novel method of adjustment when attached to walls and ceilings. The spheres are able to rotate 270 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically using a single screw to lock the spheres in position.

The clever satellite base enables on-wall, on-ceiling and on-shelf placement without adding any additional accessories, offering great installation flexibility.

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