Periodic Audio Magnesium IEM

*No Warranty

The Mg IEM utilizes a high magnesium content alloy (96% Mg) for the diaphragm material. Magnesium is the least dense of all stable metals.  Magnesium is also very high on the stiffness-to-weight ratio, and that is why it’s used in automotive and aerospace applications.  These two properties result in a highly efficient, low distortion transducer foundation.

All components inside our IEMs was 100% designed and tooled in-house, resulting a totally unique product.  Each component was designed to do its function, be as light weight as possible, and easy to assemble.  All components are keyed so that assembly is nearly fool-proof.  All components were finite-element analyzed for stress, strain, and durability.

The sonic signature of the Mg IEM is relatively neutral but with a brighter top end than our Be unit. Many people prefer this sound for use in noisier environments.  Ideal genres are blues, jazz, and acoustic/folk.

All our IEMs feature polycarbonate bodies for high strength and zero resonance, custom front-and-rear tuned volumes, Metal-Injected-Molded grade 304 stainless steel logo caps, butyl rubber strain reliefs, chemically etched grade 316 stainless steel grilles, and N48H grade magnets.  And bonded together and sealed in precision alignment with cyanoacrylate and polyvinyl acetate adhesives.

Every IEM set comes with a full set of accessories.  We manufacture our own earbuds from medical grade silicones and urethanes, and we include small, medium, and large sizes of single flange, dual flange and foam units.  We stamp our own screw-top carry tin sized to fit inside the coin pocket of a pair of your favorite jeans.  And you’ll get adapters that let you use your IEMs with any equipment, whether at home (the 1/4″ gold plated adapter jack) or on the go (the lightweight, gold plated airplane adapter).

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