Popsical Remix

1 Year warranty

Popsical Remix

  • Share 2 microphones with the people who matter

  • Amped up karaoke experience with echo, pitch, voice and sound effect controls via the Popsical App

  • Ultra-portable at a weight of less than 1kg

  • Versatile connectivity with any soundbar or home entertainment system equiped with AUX connection

  • Capability of pairing up with unlimited mobile devices

  • Flexible subscription plans

Introducing Popsical Remix

The most advanced karaoke streaming device in the industry. Lighter than 1kg makes it portable and easy to bring to all of your parties. Karaoke is never closer- just one HDMI* away.

*AUX Cable is required on your sound systems.

Two microphones are synced to the inbuilt microphone receiver


Inbuilt Microphone Receiver

Inbuilt microphone receiver offers versatility in your choice of sound output so you don‰۪t have to spend money on a hefty microphone set. With two wireless microphones, there‰۪s no reason to be singing alone! (Unless you want to, we don‰۪t judge.)

Custom Design

Our microphone is styled by our very own designers to give you the look and feel of a rockstar. Experience the uniquely contoured body that is designed to give you a grip on your singing (and may be your life). The mic is both stylish and comfortable to hold so you will never want to let go of that microphone ever again!

Versatility of The System

Grab your HDMI cable* and connect Popsical Remix to your home entertainment system. Thanks to our inbuilt mixer and receiver, Popsical Remix is ready to party with any sound system you have!

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