Screen Pro 16:9 ALR Floor-Rising Motorised Screen - AD 9120SPR

1 Year Local Warranty.

Tab-Tensioned Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors

[Tab-tensioned motorized ALR screen series]

  • Front projection T-Prism optical material, for environments with high ambient light
  • Deliver exceptionally clear images even in brightly lit surroundings
  • Low noise retraction
  • IR/RF remote control operation
  • Optional on wall bracket




Easy to operate. No need for installation, you can move it at will. It supports floor mount style, hidden in a variety of display ways, with no more holes in the wall.


A new way to open your private home theater.

Say NO to a messy wiring outlet on your ceiling, or have long runs of HDMI cables from your sources to the projector. 

If you don't want a fixed frame screen or ceiling mount electric screen, then the Electric ALR floor screen will be the ideal option. 


The R8 control system was independently developed by SCREENPRO®. Equipped with 868MHz remote control (internal infrared and radio frequency receivers with IR/RF remotes included), which is convenient and fast to operate and supports limit adjustment. Standard projector trigger to synchronize screen operation with the projector's power cycle.


The use of infrared automatic induction, anti-clamping hand device, in the process of closing and closing in case of obstacles, automatic stop, safe and reliable.


Ground-rising structure coordinates with silent tubular motor drives a double v shaped structure bracket, with uniform force, to avoid stretching deformation of the fabric. The quiet tubular motor, which is with UL, CE, and 3C certification passed, operates smoothly with low noise.


Technical Specifications

Format: 16:9

Diagonal size: 120"

Viewing Area: 2656 mm (w) x1494 mm (h)

Screen Overall Length: 2910 mm

Screen Overall Height: 1884 mm

Package Dimension: 280 x 180 x 2970 mm

Approx. Weight: 33 kg


What is T-Prism?

SCREENPRO® T-Prism is an anti-light feature material, using a special trapezoidal optical physical structure, automatically separates the natural light and ultra-short-focus projector light, and absorbs ambient light on the light-absorbing surface by about 86% to achieve the ambient light rejection function. Using the multi-layer directional coating technology of the reflective surface, the projection screen contrast, colour reproduction, gain ratio, and angle of view are optimally combined, and nearly 85% of the projector's light is reflected by the human eye so that the viewer can view it under natural light. Watching the effect in a day and night environment, even in bright living rooms, it still presents 4K Ultra HD.





1. The flameproof is judged according to the safety level of France NF P92-507.

2. A-Washing refers to cleaning the screen surface with a mixture of ethanol  (7%) and ether (3%).

B-Wash with kitchen detergent and water. ( Attention: All screen surfaces should not be cleaned with acidic detergent )

Cleaning steps:

1. For general dust, use a soft brush to clean the screen surface.

2. Please use a soft cloth to dip with mild soapy liquid or neutral detergent.

3. Rough objects or cloth may damage the screen surface.

4. Screen surface has optical textures, please wipe the horizontal direction when cleaning the fabric; do not wipe it in a vertical direction or revolve.

5. Please keep the screen dry.


- Avoid sharp objects from directly touching the screen surface to avoid puncturing or scratching the screen surface.

- Do not use acetone, benzene, alcohol, etc. to clean the screen with organic solvents, which will cause permanent damage to the screen.

- Avoid scratching the screen surface.

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