Violectric HPA V280 Headphone Amplifier

•ÈÀ•ÈÀ* 1-year local warranty•ÈÀ


  • Balanced inputs via XLR, Neutrik, gold-plated
  • Unbalanced inputs via cinch, ALPS, gold-plated
  • Unbalanced outputs via cinch, ALPS, gold-plated
  • Optional digital input 2 headphone jacks, Neutrik, silver plated
  • 1 headphone jack, Neutrik, 4-pin XLR, gold-plated
  • Discrete output stages with 16 transistors per channel
  • High quality MKP capacitors in the signal path
  • High quality OpAmps in the signal path
  • ALPS RK27 high-grade volume control ALPS RK27
  • High grade balance regulator delayed connection of the headphone connections via relay

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