Vision Ears Elysium Universal IEM

1-Year Warranty


Purity of sound

Listening to ELYSIUM will take you on a journey to an unparalleled level of enjoyment. Wide open and airy highs combined with stunningly natural mids will finally make you hear the music how it was meant to be: pure, brilliant and alive. The sound of ELYSIUM embraces you with all the emotions of your music.

Exclusively featured with Vision Ears ELYSIUM: HALC (High Precision Acoustic Leveling Chamber). Finely tuning the sound of our dynamic driver to highest accuracy ‰ÛÒ for extra awesomeness!

Technical idea

Choosing the right components for a new model is always a challenge, there are plenty of drivers and technologies available. Finding the right combination is like cooking without a recipe - this demands much experience, especially when you donå«t want to leave the result to chance. With ELYSIUM our pursuit was to create an electrifying detailed but also warm and embracing sound that makes you close your eyes and lets you dive into the sanctuary of music. Into Elysium.


Ever since we founded Vision Ears, our aim was to achieve a perfect symbiosis of great sound and precise craftsmanship. Creating perfect sound is our passion ‰ÛÒ and our customers expect the highest quality. All of our products are designed and built in Cologne, Germany.

custom made cable

Your ELYSIUM comes with a premium 8 wire spc 28AWG cable with a 2.5mm OYAIDE balanced connector as a standard.


We decided to use a dynamic driver that was precisely tuned for our requirements, giving a smooth and rich presence to the middle frequencies. Middle frequencies are not easy to define well. They contain the most versatile information in music and if well tuned, make you feel being right in the middle of your music. Our dynamic driver is featured with a ‰Û_High-precision Acoustic Levelling Chamber‰ÛÏ (HALC), finely tuning the sound of our dynamic driver to highest accuracy. Development of this high precision component was a demanding challenge and is exclusively featured in Vision Ears ELYSIUM.

Special Faceplate

Exclusive for the ELYSIUM we designed a special faceplate.
Thsi faceplate is only available with the ELYSIUM and cannot be chosen with another model of our portfolio.

Universal Version

Design:åÊThe earphone comes in the ELYSIUM Signature Design ‰ÛÒ Clear Shell / ELY SE special faceplate

Cable:åÊThe universal version comes with the same balanced silver cable as the custom ELYSIUM. The termination also is 2.5mm jack.


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