WyWires Red Series for HiFiMAN

*WARRANTY: 1 Year Local Warranty

Wywires Red Series headphone cable for the HifiMAN headphones!
Wywires developed the Red Series cables in collaboration with the most influential headphone manufacturers in the industry.åÊWywires uses its exclusive air control technology.åÊThis cable offers a significant improvement in sound compared to the standard headphone cable supplied by the manufacturer.

For a lifelike listening experience, you will experience enhanced reproduction of the finest nuances and details with improved dynamics.åÊThe space, the sound and the arrangement of the recorded instruments and interpreters remains alive.åÊThis creates a unique musical experience 'almost out of the head', as intended by the recording and sound engineers - even across the room, if the recording contains it.

The rich, precise sound with an extraordinary frequency spectrum is free from interference and enables fatigue-free listening.

The extremely light cable is elaborately made by hand.åÊThis creates an optimal connection cable, which can be supplied for the following audiophile headphones:

- Audeze: all models
- HiFiMan: all models
- Mr. Speakers: all models
- Nuforce: all models
- LFF: Enigma
- Sennheiser: HD 600/650, HD 700, HD 800

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