Established in 1998, AV One is a premier boutique retailer in the audio-visual domain. Driven by passion for authentic sound and visual experiences, AV One stands as a beacon for music lovers who seek unparalleled quality in audio and visual entertainment, championing the artist's true vision. We are also the exclusive distributor for more than 25 elite audio and visual brands, a testament to our discerning selection and trusted partnerships.


Expert advice, impeccable service and the finest brands, all in an inspirational showroom environment.

Everything at AV One is focused on customer satisfaction. We take pride in our work and strive to continually improve our services. We understand that great products alone mean nothing, and go to lengths to understand each clients needs.

Boasting THX Certified Professional On Staff and THX Certified Professional Video Calibration, we assure to bring the best bits of movie going experience right into your own living space in full immersion of beautiful sound.

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Finally pulled the plug and upgraded my system with the Monitor Audio 200 G6 and C150 and couldn't be happier. I was very impressed with the level of service provided by Peter who guided me through all the options and spent a lot of time ensuring I had the best demo of their products.

Adrian Baris

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I was served by Alan Lim, one of the most friendliest and considerate sale man I've encountered and he was willing to share some of the knowledge of speaker. He introduced some speakers and amplifier within my budgets which is a plus.

Low Wei Qiang

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Great experience from the moment you enter the shop till you walk out with product in hand. Dropped by to test out the Audioengine speakers. Quiet room is available for trying out the speakers and the friendly sales staff will patiently wait in the corner and provide assistance if you require any. Thank you David for the excellent service!

Zac Wong

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We went to AV One to get speakers and are very impressed and pleased with the service we got from Peter - he’s an extremely knowledgeable and friendly guy who genuinely loves the hobby. He gave us a very good recommendation and the speakers are perfect for us. He also took extra time to give us many tips on how to set up the speakers and what factors will impact the sound produced. We highly recommend this shop and thanks Peter for the great experience.

Raymond Ker

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Had a great experience purchasing at AV One. Alan was very helpful and gave fantastic advise on my Roksan Caspian and Monitor Audio purchase. Need to get more speakers from them. Thank you Alan.

Raffic Rashid

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Amazing shop with friendly staff. First impressions counts. During my first time there, I was greeted by David who is friendly and approachable. He was patient in letting me try many of their products and always so professional in giving some of his own inputs. Not many shops let you try their products in peace, so im quite impress with their services. Purchased a premium cable from them and really enjoying it. I keep going back to AV1 if I need any audio stuff. Highly recommended!

Haziq Hassan

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Received my first pair of custom IEM for stage performance. Decided to go with 64Audio. The whole process was smoother than I initially expected. Kudos to Andy for his excellent service.

Charles Wong

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I find the prices at AV One very competitive. My experience with AV One started with Alan Lim, one of their sales people. I used to buy from Alan Lim when he was selling Onkyo receiver and Mission speakers. When he moved to AV One, I switched to Denon and Dali speakers. I am very satisfied with the commodities I bought from him.

Mark Lim

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Have been a customer of AV One for almost 5 years. Andy and Jeremy has, without fail, provided me, my relatives and friends with the most unprecedented service. I know this review comes a tad late but hey, better late then never.

Kenneth Low

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