64 Audio Professional Cable Replacement Cable

*3-month Warranty

The Professional Cable is designed and tested for maximum durability and features an ultra-low resistance, Silver-Plated Copper (SPC) wire that optimizes the performance of our tia䋢 drivers. With an improved damping factor, the bass is deeper yet more controlled, and the silver-plating increases transparency and micro-detail for an immersive musical experience. The silver-plating of the wire also helps prevent the copper from oxidizing and turning green.

The 2-pin connector features an ergonomic design that exits out of the IEM at an angle toward your ear, reducing the chance of pinching and minimize wear on the cable. When replacing, notice that each 2-pin connector is marked with a red or blue dot. Attach each side with the colored dot facing up. Red=Right, Blue=Left The Professional Cable comes with all our Custom In-Ear Monitors. It's compatible with all our in-ear monitors, including our A-Series, U-Series, and legacy V-Series IEMs.

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