Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000T Hi-Res Digital Audio Player

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Analogue Warmth, Digital Precision


Analogue Warmth, Digital Precision

Astell&Kern's ethos of producing immersive sound from high-resolution original music stands as a testament to the spirit of innovation and excellence embodied in the A&ultima series. Our goal was to surpass the impeccable design and high-resolution sound of our previous product, the SP3000, by crafting an audio player that truly captures the emotion and resonance of music.

Developed with this vision in mind, the A&ultima SP3000T channels the profound emotion and lasting essence of analogue audio. The integration of a real vacuum tube creates an authentic analogue sound complemented by cutting-edge audio technology such as TERATON ALPHA for an immersive auditory experience.

Introducing the A&ultima SP3000T — a portable audio player that defies convention, offering a unique fusion of analogue and digital excellence.


  • Dual RAYTHEON JAN6418 MIL-SPEC Vintage Vacuum Tubes
  • Our TRIPLE AMP SYSTEM allows listeners to select the right tones for their music
  • Three levels of voltage with Tube Current option
  • Stainless steel with 99.9% pure silver plating
  • Separate digital and analogue signal processing (AK4191EQ x2 / AK4499EX x2)
  • VU Meter
  • High-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU


True Analogue Sound with Real Vacuum Tube

The original vacuum tube is known for its warm sound, attributed to its distinctive rich harmonics, which have cemented its status as a cherished component of Hi-Fi audio. However, its impracticality in terms of miniaturisation, primarily due to power control and footprint issues, presented a formidable obstacle, rendering it unsuitable for use in portable audio players.

In Astell&Kern's unyielding quest for innovation, we refused to settle for conventional sound and design, and instead worked to bridge the gap between stationary and portable audio by infusing the essence of analogue sound into our devices.

These efforts eventually culminated in the pairing of the SP3000T with the RAYTHEON JAN6418 Miniature vacuum Tube. The RAYTHEON JAN6418 is a mini vacuum tube popular among audiophiles. Designed to meet military specifications and traditionally used in military communication equipment, it quickly garnered recognition for its distinctively warm and soft sound, leading to its integration into regular audio devices.


Sound Craftsmanship for the Ultimate Vacuum Tube Sound

Due to inherent differences in noise and amplification among original vacuum tubes, Astell&Kern adopted a meticulous selection process to adhere to our philosophy of addressing even the minutest differences in sound quality.

Astell&Kern carefully measures and pairs each JAN6418, a difficult process demanding both time and precision. This thorough selection method minimises output deviation between the left and right channels, resulting in more natural sound reproduction.

Every shielding operation on the vacuum tube is carefully executed by hand to minimise potential noise interference.

Thanks to our unwavering dedication to sound craftsmanship, we have successfully brought the distinctive spatial sense and balance found in our existing audio players into the analogue realm of vacuum tube sound.


Minimising Microphonic Noise

The integration of vacuum tubes into compact, portable devices presents a formidable technical hurdle — maintaining low noise levels while delivering unparalleled resolution and robust output.

With the SP3000T, we've tackled this challenge head-on with a custom-made solution designed to minimise microphonic noise. Our team devoted extensive time to refining the structural integrity of the vacuum tubes, ensuring minimal noise even in the event of minor shocks or vibrations.

1. Independent modular, flexible PCB design engineered separately from the main PCB

2. Silicone module case designed to absorb primary shocks from the vacuum tube

3. Silicone tubing perfectly tailored to the vacuum tube leads to reduce shock transmission along the leads

4. Silicone dampers around the vacuum tube suspend the tube in the air from both ends

* Microphonic Noise might be audible when bumping against the player itself or knocking it against a table.


Tube Current option for premium analogue sound

After testing the operational range of the vacuum tube, we developed an internal plate voltage control system, which can be adjusted in three stages and directly affects the amplification rate of the vacuum tube amplifier, resulting in nuanced changes in sound texture.

Experience the subtle shifts in density and spatial presence in your headphones or earphones as you fine-tune the current of the vacuum tube amplifier.


Vacuum Tube LED

While in vacuum tube mode or hybrid mode,

the vacuum tubes on the back of the SP3000T emit light, enhancing the device's subtle and stylish analogue feel.

*Please note that the Tubes do not light up when the device is in OP AMP Mode.


More info available on Astell&Kern official site.

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