Aroma Audio AIR Portable Bluetooth Amplifier

1-Year Local Warranty.


Any mention of "us," "we," "our," etc is by Aroma Audio, not AV One.


Since the birth of AROMA Audio, we have spared no effort in developing portable amplifiers. We started with the A10 as the first product of AROMA, then moved on to the A100. The A100 is widely discussed among audiophiles. Next, we developed the A100TB which is a breakthrough for our understanding in portable amplifiers. Our latest development is a Bluetooth portable amplifier. It is only after intensive R&D over 3 years, that we are satisfied with the performance of our newest product to finally introduce it to the public, Air.

Since the beginning of the project, we encountered many ups and downs. It is difficult to acquire some chips for production hence we need to use another chip which affects the entire design. This is worthwhile, all in the pursuit of better sound.

The Air is our debut Bluetooth portable amplifier with the ability to support many lossless transmission formats. It uses ES9038Q2M DAC which will allow audiophiles to enjoy an improved music experience when playing music via streaming platform. There are a total of 8 digital filters which can be changed via the brief press of the power button.

As an AROMA product, the Air still inherits the characteristics of AROMA products. It has three output ports: 4.4mm Balanced, 2.5mm Balanced & 3.5mm Single Ended. The OP-AMP can be replaced with other alternatives. Furthermore, the Air has a high/low gain switch to drive higher impedance products. The size is 121 x 69 x 30 (mm). The weight is 190g. The Air is portable and lightweight. With the Air, one can enjoy high quality music on the go via Bluetooth.


Battery: Φ 18650   3400|mAH (can support 8 hours of continuous playback)

Supported formats:


Total harmonic distortion: 0.0017% - SE 0.0017% - BAL

Resolution: 81dB -- SE 81dB -- BAL

Signal-to-noise ratio: 123dB -- SE 124dB -- BAL

Supporting impedance:

Size: 121 x 69 x 30 (mm)

Weight: 190 g

Power (this parameter is measured under THD+N ≤ 0.01%):

16Ω: 26mW--SE  26mW--BAL

32Ω: 50mW--SE  50mW--BAL

100Ω: 130mW--SE 130mW--BAL

300Ω: 120mW--SE  400mW--BAL

600Ω:  60mW--SE   240mW--BAL

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