Aroma Audio JAM IEM

1-Year Local Warranty.


"AROMA Audio accompanies musicians to create and play music"

In addition to developing various products, AROMA Audio has also provided many musicians with various in-ear headphones for monitoring on the stage. AROMA Audio has always been tuned for musicians. It coincides with the idea of Jam In The Room, led by AROMA Audio, and the tuning requirements put forward by Jam In the Room, led to the AROMA Audio JAM. And the birth of AROMA Audio NEO.

Jam In the Room is an independent music brand that launches music works, produces music activities, promotes independent music, and develops social network music platforms, hoping to promote young people to find their own music path. Make room for dreams!

"AROMA Audio JAM" and "AROMA Audio NEO" are products born to support musicians. Whether on or off the stage, both products can become good partners for you to enjoy music and create music.

The whole design of AROMA Audio JAM and AROMA Audio NEO is designed to simplify complexity. Both products use the new 9.2mm moving coil unit developed by AROMA Audio. Compared with the previous moving coil unit, the new 9.2mm moving coil unit is further strengthened in terms of dynamic, low-frequency diving depth, etc. Both products are configured with fewer units, but the sound quality is never sloppy. The new unit can ensure the improvement of sound, and the smaller number of units can minimise the need to be repaired due to the damage of individual units.

"JAM" consists of a new moving coil unit equipped with 2 moving iron units, focusing on stage monitoring to accurately present as many details as possible on the stage and capture every dynamic.

"NEO" consists of a new moving coil unit with 1 moving iron unit, which can be more accurate and straightforward to clearly restore the sound and instrument. It is very suitable for individual musicians, Busking people, an instrument, a song, and the best performance.

Fixedly equipped with a 3.5mm original wire. The design of CM ensures comfort and stability when wearing, and you can also choose customized headphones to achieve the best results.

Whether you are a music creator anywhere, a performer on the stage, or even you who want to enjoy music anywhere, you are never alone on the road to music.


Technical specification

3-driver configuration: low frequency (1 9.2mm DD), medium frequency (1 BA), high frequency (1 BA)

3-way semitone design

Impedance: 16.5Ω@1kHz

Sensitivity: 103db SPL@100m V RMS

Sound insulation: 26db (CM)

Frequency response: 20-20kHz

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