Aroma Audio Shock In-Ear Monitors

Aroma Audio


Shock is a new Universal In-Ear Monitor from the brand AROMA AUDIO with Hybrid configuration of 2 BA and 2 Electrostatic drivers. The UIEM fits easily into the shape of the ear, very comfortable to wear. The Faceplate is a Silver White pattern that contrasts beautifully with the body's black colour. The connector of the cable is used as 2 Pin. As usual, it can be easily changed with other 2-pin cables.

The tone of AROMA SHOCK gives the character a strong, powerful, low range, excellent response musically. It is has a rich bass that can keep up with fast tempo music as well as keeping the transient of the drum sounds. It also giving the singer's voice a clear and flat response but still able to hear all the details. The sound stage is very average but the stereo imaging of the IEM is very precise.s As for the high frequencies, it is considered to have a distinctive feature of drivers so that the voice has a sharp and clean sound. It provides excellent clarity while being able to produce a rich bass for anyone who likes low-end earphones that have a clear, tight impact.

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