Aroma Audio Star In-Ear Monitor IEM

* 1 year local Warranty*

Star is a member of the entry level of the AROMA Audio Music Box Series and AROMA has been immersed in a 1-unit balanced armature driver with high-end tuning experience for many years to challenge the comprehensive and diversified in performance. In the case of good potential performance, the impedance of the Star is 70ë©. So it is difficult to push the relatively high resistance and there is a certain requirement for the thrust of the player.åÊ But there is more room for performance. Star is the bright star of AROMA which can let the fans who are playing the earphones find the bright direction in the darkness. Let customers feel the true and accurate sound performance and it is immersed in the beautiful music. This is what AROMA Star gives everyone the expectation.

åÊ1 driver 1 balanced armature

åÊImpedance: 70ë©@1KHZ

åÊSensitivity: 98db SPL 1mW

åÊSound insulation effect 26db

åÊFrequency response: 10-22khz

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