Aroma Audio Witch Girl W12 IEM

1-Year Warranty


  • Driver unit configuration:Ultra High frequency: 2 Balanced Armature Driver units
  • High frequency: 2 Balanced Armature Driver units
  • Mid frequency: 4 Balanced Armature Driver units
  • Low frequency: 4 Balanced Armature Driver units
  • Sensitivity: 122dB/mW
  • Impedance: 48 ë©
  • Frequency response: 20 - 20 kHz
  • Included cable: OCC 1.2 m (3.5 mm stereo plug)
  • Re-cable compatible: (2 pin)
  • Accessories:Hard case
  • Acoustune ear tip S / M / L

The Witch Girl W12 comprises of 12 Balanced Armature drivers, 4 BA drivers for the low frequencies, 4 BA drivers for the middle frequencies, 2 BA drivers for the high frequencies and 2 for the ultra-high frequencies. One of the disadvantages of using multiple BA drivers is having distortion. Therefore, by installing multiple drivers and adding more crossovers, each one can operate with low distortion. The Witch Girl W12 also uses ultra-high frequencies BA drivers, which enables the earphones to playback frequencies that are essential in replicating the high-resolution sound from its source. With Witch Girl W12, you can recognise if the CD sound source is poor or it has a good sense of imaging and separation. It contributes a great deal to the spatial awareness and precision of each instrument, accurate timbre of each instrument and widening the range of the frequency spectrum. The Witch Girl W12 achieves the true fidelity of the original sound intended by the artists and studio engineers.

The Witch Girl W12 is also extremely comfortable to wear. Despite using multiple drivers which increases the size of the housing, the shell is all handmade and has no breaks between the shell and the faceplate to encompass all of the drivers properly. With Witch Girl W12, listeners can experience the best sound while wearing the earphones for a long period of time.

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