Astell&Kern KANN ULTRA Digital Audio Player [FREE GIFT with purchase]

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Fueling Your Sound

The KANN series is adored by audiophiles all over the world for its performance that focuses on ultra-high output and clear sound.

KANN ULTRA, the 5th product in the KANN series, continues the success of the KANN series by providing the highest output of any Astell&Kern player, the inclusion of Triple Output Sound, and an optimised processor and UI/UX to make it even easier to enjoy clear sound performance.

With four Gain Modes that provides up to 16Vrms of desktop Hi-Fi level output and sound, and ES9039MPRO Dual DAC chips, KANN ULTRA perfectly powers many of today's headphones with high resolution. A separate Pre/Line Out allow users to enjoy the sound with a variety of different devices.

  • Triple Output Mode Featuring Separately Configured Circuit and Amplifier Designs
  • Next-generation Octa-Core processors with significant high-performance improvements
  • Supports 4 preset gain settings with ultra-high output up to 16Vrms (Headphone Out)
  • Equipped with ES9039MPRO Dual DACs
  • Features Digital Audio Remaster (DAR) technology
  • Supports playback up to 32bit/768kHz, Native DSD512
  • Features Astell&Kern's unique TERATON ALPHA technology
  • Battery 8,400 mAh (up to 11 hours of playback)



Triple Output, Triple Sound

KANN ULTRA features a Triple Output Mode that allows you to enjoy Astell&Kern's perfectly prepared sound when connected to demanding headphones, highly detailed IEMs, and external devices.

Instead of simply separating the output ports, Astell&Kern's Teraton Alpha technology allows for separate amplifier/sound design for the Headphone Out and Line/Pre-Out ports to provide the optimal sound for each port.

Complete your powerful Head-Fi system even on portable devices with the KANN ULTRA with Triple Output.



The port features 4 preset gain settings and ultra-high output of up to 16Vrms. The headphone port is designed to perfectly run demanding headphones with high impedance using only the player with no external AMP.



Select Pre-Out mode on the Pre/Line Out port to output sound to an external amplifier or audio device.

[ Pre-out ]

This mode delivers sound through a specially designed Pre out amplifier, instead of the high-powered Headphone out amp.

Pre-Out functions like a PRE AMP and you can control the volume with the volume wheel.


* No Gain or Voltage settings, maximum output 2Vrms/4Vrms



Select Line Out mode on the Pre/Line Out port to output sound that is optimised when connected to external devices.


[ Line out ]

This mode outputs the sound from the DAC directly without going through an amplifier, resulting in the lowest noise level and making it ideal for connecting to external audio devices.

Line Out has a fixed voltage output (4 levels) and no volume control.

* Do not activate the Line Out mode while earphones or headphones are connected to the PRE·LINE OUT port. Doing so may cause permanent hearing loss.


4 Gain Levels And Outputs Up to 16Vrms for The Perfect Head-Fi

To run the most sophisticated IEMs and headphones, a DAP needs to be able to fully deliver an output that matches the characteristics of the receiver.

KANN ULTRA features 4 preset gain settings up to 16Vrms, the most powerful output of any Astell&Kern player, to optimally run the many IEMs and headphones available today.

The current-handling capability of the output port has been increased to reliably run devices of different impedances at the gain Level setting, and the AMPs have been separated into Balanced and Unbalanced to optimise currents and reduce noise for the best possible sound.

On top of providing the most powerful output, KANN ULTRA features a larger 5.5-inch screen and improved grip compared to KANN CUBE, which was popular for its high output versatility. Weight of the KANN ULTRA has been significantly reduced to 390 grams.

Upgraded Sound, the Newest ESS Flagship DAC

The KANN ULTRA is designed with dual ES9039MPRO DACs, the newest flagship DAC from ESS, to deliver richer and more expansive sounds that exceed your expectations.

The ES9039MPRO is an updated ES9039PRO model that has a built-in stereo hardware MQA renderer. It has even more advanced modulation than the existing flagship DAC to reduce power consumption, noise and distortions inside the DAC for enhanced audio performance.

Astell&Kern has redesigned the AMP BLOCK to ensure that the clear, high-resolution sound of the ES9039MPRO is clearly expressed through every port of the Triple Output, and each output's characteristics show its own advanced performance.

Learn more at Astell&Kern official site.

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