Atacama Mass loading Base Plate (Pair)

No Warranty

The mass loading base plates are designed to fit the complete range of Nexus loudspeaker stands and Moseco loudspeaker stands.

This floor plate weighing with 200 mm width and 170 mm depth will help to provide a safe stand and will make hifi products stand more securely.

Designed to fit out of sight within the base plate of Nexus loudspeaker stands and underneath the bamboo base panel for the Moseco loudspeaker stands, the mass loading base plate pack adds 1.5 kg to each stand increasing the sound dampening and raising the stability of each support.

The package consists of two plates, each weighing 1.5 kg, and both are made of 8 mm thick "satin black" painted carbon steel.

This accessory is manufactured in the UK by the company Atacama.


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