Dekoni Audio ETZ-Gemini Premium Memory Foam Isolation Earphone Tips, Black - 3mm

The Bulletz are slow rebound memory foam in-ear tips (available in small, medium and large) for many popular in-ear monitors.  Dekoni Audio has now expanded on that line, offering tips for true wireless in-ear headphones. While true wireless users loved our mercury tips, most could not fit inside their charging case.

The Bulletz series was released in 2017 as an answer to non-silicone ear tips having no way to safely be cleaned.  All of our memory foam ear tips are washable with cold soap and water. Dry with a paper towel and good as new!

Dekoni’s Gemini series utilizes a smaller bore than the Mercury or TWS series, coming in at only 3mm. This size is most commonly found on Shure IEMs, along with a few other brands including Klipsch, Research & more.

Available in small, medium and large sizes.

Note! Dekoni Audio Bulletz cannot be returned or refunded once opened due to sanitary concerns.

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