Dekoni Audio Earpadz Midnight Series for Audio Technica ATHM Series & Sony 7506 Headphones

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The Sony MDR7506 (USA) and CDR900ST (Asia) are the longest standing standards in studio monitoring headphones for more than 30 years. In the late 2000’s, Audio Technica changed the game releasing the original ATH-M50, and subsequently the ATH-M50X. The M50’s served not only the professional studio world, but also crossed over to the consumer mass market taking it by storm. One of the best bangs for the buck in headphones, the sound is excellent, but the pads leave some room for improvement.  Our Earpadz by Dekoni Audio will elevate your listening experience by increasing both comfort and isolation in all of these industry standards, no matter whether you’re in the studio or on the go.

Earpadz by Dekoni Audio brings some of the luxuries of Dekoni’s premium lines at prices everyone can afford through their Midnight Series of ear pads. Wrapped in a sleek, smooth eggshell-based protein leather and using a more relaxed, forgiving medium-density heat-activated memory foam, the Midnight Series pads help to relieve pressure from tight-clamping headphones. The Midnight Series is a comfortable and affordable alternative to standard OEM replacement pads.

Dekoni Audio has always been about giving people the best possible listening experience with our Elite and Choice lines of ear pads. Having positioned ourselves dominantly in the high-end audiophile market, we are bringing some of the quality and comfort of Dekoni’s elite lines to everyone with our new Earpadz by Dekoni Audio value line.

Earpadz aims to create an affordable alternative to our Elite and Choice series, while expanding our designs to cover the more headphones. Offering a range of products from simple replacement pads to quality upgrades focused on comfort without breaking the bank, we’re proud to give everyone the opportunity to experience what makes Earpadz by Dekoni Audio a better headphone experience!


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