Dekoni Audio Nuggets Headphone Headband Pressure Relief Pads - 4 Pack

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Dekoni Audio’s Nuggets are the quick and easy answer to uncomfortable headbands, hotspots and more! It’s common to find headphones you want to love for the sound, but end up giving up on due to the weight of them or the quality of the headband.

Nuggets are designed to help redistribute the weight of those headphones, leading to reduced strain on the head and neck and allowing you to truly sit back and enjoy the experience.

Increase padding directly on a sore spot by placing a Dekoni Nugget in between you and the headband, or reduce the load on that point by using Nuggets to fill in any gaps between you and your headband!


Dekoni Nuggets are made with our Choice Leather, a vegan alternative to real sheepskin with the same sleek look and supple feel; many have even claimed to prefer it over real sheepskin!

Combined with our high-density memory foam, you’ll find each Nugget offers a pillow-like cushion as it moulds to the shape of your head. The comfort only improves over time as the heat-activated foam warms up and expands slightly, filling in any lingering gaps and evenly distributing the weight.

Our nuggets come in a pack of four, giving plenty of possible configurations to help maximize the comfort of your favourite cans and allowing you to truly sit back, relax and engross yourself in your listening without any distractions.


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