DUNU KIMA Classic DLC Diaphragm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors

1-Year Local Warranty.


Difference Between Kima & Kima Classic​

Why make a Classic Version? During the process of research and development on the Kima, with some personalised modifications, the sound becomes more suitable for pop music. In terms of sound aesthetics, the sound of the Kima Classic will have a new, fresh flavour. The main difference between the Kima and Kima Classic is the more pronounced lower end and enhanced high-frequency region as well. But the overall changes are throughout the frequency band, it has a cleaner and transparent signature as the OG Kima.


DUNU Kima Classic is a redesigned variant of the award-winning DUNU Kima. At a fair glance, the pair looks just like Kima in a new colour scheme, but the sound of the Kima Classic brings a new, fresh flavour to the listeners. DUNU has readjusted the tuning of the pair to deliver a more pronounced lower-end, more lively treble, and a cleaner midrange response. While the shell shape is kept the same, the new Kima Classic has got a wonderful new Classic Coffee Grey colour theme. The cable has been designed to match the smokey look of the pair!! Kima was a wonderful set, Kima Classic brings a breath of fresh air to the lineup with a new tuning profile!!


High-Quality DLC Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

Strong Magnetic Circuit Featuring N52 Neodymium Magnets

Resonance Chamber Dual-Cavity Design

High-Airflow Design Architecture

High-Density Metallic Alloy Shells

All-New Colour Scheme

Improved Tuning For Cleaner & More Transparent Sound

Ergonomic & Comfortable Shell Design

High-Purity Single-Crystal Copper Silver-Plated Cable

Standard 0.78mm 2-pin Connectors

3.5mm Single-Ended Termination Plug


Vivid, Lively Sound Profile

The primary difference between the Kima and the Kima Classic is the new tuning profile for the pair. The OG Kima had a balanced sound output with a hint of warmth, the new Kima Classic has an increased presence for the lower-end and high-frequency regions bringing in a more vivid sound signature that complements Pop music well!!


Classic New Colour Scheme

While retaining the praised look of the OG Kima, the new Kima Classic has a new colour scheme for its shells. The pair has a beautiful coffee grey colour scheme with a golden ear nozzle. The ear shells here are crafted using high-precision melting and casting molds. They are then finished with a specially selected sandblasting process giving them a nicely textured finish!!


Colour-Matched Cable Shielding

In order to complement the beautiful new colour scheme of the Kima Classic, the outer covering on the stock cable has also been modified. The OG Kima came bundled with a transparent shielding that showcased the raw textured silver-plating look of the stock cable. This time around, we get the standard high-purity single-crystal copper silver-plated Litz cable just like the OG Kima IEMs but with a new dark-colour outer covering. This matches the cable with the new dark colour scheme of the Kima Classic.


Your Favourite Kima In A New Avatar

DUNU Kima is a fan-favourite pair of in-ear monitors. They delivered quality sound with a comfortable fit. Kima Classic is made on the same legendary performance with a new tuning profile. It’s a classic Kima with a new tuning that promises a crispier, livelier sound performance!!


Technical Information

Impedance: 32Ω@1kHz.

Sensitivity: 108±1dB.

THD+N: <0.3%.

Net-Weight: 15 grams.

Package-Weight: 390 grams

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