Dynaudio Confidence 60 Flagship Floorstanding Loudspeaker

3 Years Local Warranty.

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Your goosebumps will get goosebumps.

Ultimate performance. Ultimate quality. Ultimate innovation. Meet the flagship of Dynaudios most advanced speaker range.

Sometimes size does matter.  Confidence 60, the flagship of the Confidence family, towers above the outgoing Confidence C4 model.

It’s unashamedly big; it’s unselfconscious hi-fi royalty. And it sounds like nothing else you’ve heard. Pull up a chair.

While your ears are captivated by the Confidence 60’s astonishing power, scale and detail, your eyes will probably be drawn to the single Esotar3 28mm soft-dome tweeter in the middle. Then the twin 15cm MSP midrange drivers with Horizon Surrounds. And, finally to the two 23cm MSP NeoTec Woofers.


Designed precisely for that purpose

In fact, everything in the Confidence 60 is designed precisely for that purpose. Even the gasket that decouples the baffle from the cabinet, and the screws that hold everything in place.

The Esotar3 28mm soft-dome tweeter takes over 40 years of Dynaudio expertise, plus plenty of learnings from development of the award-winning Esotar Forty unit – and rolls it all into the finest tweeter we’ve ever created. A powerful neodymium magnet system, innovations in airflow routing, the resonance-busting Hexis inner dome … it all combines to increase detail, clarity and sensitivity.

The 23cm NeoTec MSP woofers also have neodymium magnets under the hood, and use three layers of glass-fibre in their voice-coil formers for optimum stiffness. The voice-coils themselves are copper (which provides extra moving mass for tighter, more powerful and more controlled bass in this specific driver design). And the entire woofer motor has been designed to harness airflow using an innovative venting system that’s been machined directly into the magnet.

The Confidence 60’s MSP midrange drivers are a big departure from previous Dynaudio designs.

They use a radical surround design – the Horizon – that follows the cone’s shape right to the edge of the driver. This reduces the surround’s first resonant mode to effectively increase the whole playing surface area and improve performance. They also sit flush with the baffle to reduce diffractions from the diaphragm and the adjacent tweeter.

Behind the scenes, the basket has been given a lightweight organic design – one that’s resulted from extensive topology-optimisation simulations. It increases airflow, maintains its stability and rigidity and reduces weight simultaneously without sacrificing performance.

And it’s all finished in our trademark Danish-designed furniture-grade cabinetry. Perfect performance, perfect quality.



Designed and engineered in Denmark

We put Confidence through intensive – and exhaustive – testing in the Jupiter measuring facility at Dynaudio Labs. Hundreds of hours of analysis and listening have resulted in the best speaker we’ve ever created.

Esotar3 tweeter

The legend continues. The Esotar3 is optimised for detail, finesse and performance. It includes the ingenious Hexis resonance-defeating inner dome, plus innovations in materials, airflow and more.

Next-gen DDC technology

Dynaudio Directivity Control, our sound-shaping technology platform, has been rebooted, revamped and refined to include the DDC Lens –a unique machined waveguide that focuses your music exactly where it should go: your ears.

NeoTec woofers

We’ve taken our legendary MSP woofers to elevated heights. A combination of powerful neodymium magnets and aluminium and copper voice-coils mean each driver is individually engineered and tuned for one purpose: unsurpassed quality.


Status: Current

Segment: Home

Range: Confidence

Type: Floorstand

Sensitivity (dB @ 2.83V/1m): 87

Lower Cutoff (Hz @ +/- 3 dB): 29

Upper Cutoff (kHz @ +/- 3 dB): 22

Box Principle: Bass reflex down-firing port

Crossover: 3-way

Crossover Frequency (Hz): 200/2580 Hz

Crossover Topology: 2nd/3rd order w. DDC

Tweeter: 28 mm Esotar 3

Midrange: 2x 15 cm MSP with Horizon

Woofer: 2x 23 cm MSP

Weight kg: 66,2

Width mm: 271

Height mm: 1634

Depth mm: 469

Width mm incl. feet/grill: 432

Height mm incl. feet/grill: 1679

Depth mm incl. feet/grill: 517

Grille: Black

Baffle: Compex

Baffle: DDC 2

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