Dynaudio Sub 3 Compact Active Subwoofer

1 Years Local Warranty



High-end low end

Contour-level components and construction make the compact Sub 3, with its double-thickness front baffle and brand-new 24cm driver, the ideal companion for any stereo or multichannel system

The Sub 3 is a flexible subwoofer that‰۪s been designed to work just as well with movies as it does with music, delivering weight, authority and punch no matter which source you use.

It does all of this in a compact and convenient size, taking the strain of the low end away from any stereo or multi-channel setup and improving the midrange performance in the process.

It has the same dimensions as the previous Dynaudio Sub 250, so it‰۪s easy to accommodate, but our engineers have managed to squeeze in the more powerful 300W amp and full feature set of the larger Sub 600.

There are some new additions too. There‰۪s now a double-thickness 37mm front baffle (curved, similar to Contour) to increase its rigidity, plus a brand-new 24cm driver, which joins the rest of the Sub 3‰۪s Contour-quality components.

It‰۪s been designed to this high standard for a reason ‰ÛÒ the Sub 3 can slot seamlessly into any system all the way up to this level, regardless of its size or configuration.

Where there‰۪s no subwoofer output on the amplifier (common in a stereo system setup) the Sub 3‰۪s dual RCA inputs and outputs let you pass a signal through the Sub 3 itself.

You can also fine-tune the crossover point (flat, 60Hz or 80Hz) using the Sub 3‰۪s high-pass filter to ensure the best performance possible.

We‰۪ve worked really hard to get all the smarts of the Sub 600 into a body the size of the Sub 250, while also adding a brand-new driver. Most importantly, we‰۪ve managed to get the price in between the two, which means users are now getting all the smarts of the Sub 600 ‰ÛÒ and then some ‰ÛÒ for ‰âÂ500 less than before.

Technical specifications

Specification sheet for Sub part 2
System: Single driver, active subwoofer
Analog inputs: 1x RCA LFE, 2x RCA stereo
Analog outputs: 1x RCA Slave out, 2x RCA SAT out
Frequency response (å±3 dB): 22Hz‰ÛÒ175Hz
Auto ON/OFF: Yes
Box principle: Sealed
High pass filter: Flat/60/80Hz
Low pass filter: 50Hz - 150Hz
Specification sheet for Sub part 1
Phase adjustment: 0/180 degrees
Woofer: 23cm MSP
Amplifier power: 300W
AC power input: 100-120 V/200-240 V 50/60Hz
Standby power consumption: < 0.5W
Maximum power consumption: 350W
Weight: 10.5kg/23.1lb
Dimensions (W x H x D): 266x276x320mm
Dimensions with feet/grille (W x H x D): 266x276x336mm


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