[CLEARANCE] EarSonics SM2-iFI in-ear Earphones

*No Warranty

Product details of Earsonics SM2-iFI

The SM2-IFI EarSonics offer the best choice to enter high-end audio listening. Completely new sound design, the SM2-iFI becomes the Earsonics gateway range model and replaces the excellent SM1 with 100% new components. We opted for a new two large transducers architecture for best headroom and easy drive, also a new crossover design for audiophile‰۝clearer sound. The SM2-IFI was born from the desire to provide audio high-end access , at very competitive price with quality component; Also, preserving the EarSonics spirit, The SM2-IFI is our our latest products knowledge development result, as well as audiophiles requests and demands.
  • Fully balanced headphone amplifier
  • Large capacity battery charges Apple devices while playing up to 18 hours, even longer from computers
  • Multiple accessory cables for a wide variety of Apple and other devices

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