FiiO BTR7 Portable Bluetooth Amplifier

1-Year Local Warranty.


Travel freely in the HiFi audio world! The brand-new high-end portable Bluetooth DAC/Amp BTR7 features the seventh-generation mecha design language, giving it riveting looks. Its comfort-and-ergonomics-optimised laminated aluminium alloy body is paired with a 1.3-inch IPS colour display that is the showpiece of the BTR7. The display features a brand-new, colourful UI that presents critical information such as volume, power, gain, and audio format in an intuitive way – just another part of the BTR7's brilliance.

As one of the high-end models, the BTR7 features the ES9219C in the left and right channels, paired with a low-pass filter and an amplifier in a highly-optimised audio architecture that captures every last detail and dynamics in your music. And with support for MQA, your music will definitely come across clearly and boldly. In terms of the amp structure, the BTR7 is the first portable Bluetooth amplifier to utilise 2 of the THX AAA-28 amplifiers. The FiiO R&D team had a breakthrough and was able to fit 4 channels of the THX AAA amplifiers into a compact body for a fully balanced audio design – resulting in 88% more single-ended power output and 30% more balanced power output compared to previous designs. Experience an extraordinarily bold symphony of music with the BTR7.

For Bluetooth DAC/Amps, a high-quality DAC makes great sense. The Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth chip adopted in the BTR7, with its dual DSP and dual-core CPU architecture, ensures stable connections with the inclusion of support for both high-res formats like LDAC/aptX HD/aptX Adaptive and more common formats like AAC/SBC. Moreover, the BTR7 adopts FiiO's own patented seamless metal frame antenna design, which not only looks handsome but also ensures Bluetooth connections are more stable and interference-free.

Not just a little fun. As a multifunctional Bluetooth amplifier, the BTR7 needs plenty of battery power when used throughout the day. Not only is the battery capacity increased to 880mAh, but both wired and wireless charging support allows you to charge in more scenarios. USB wired charging is fast and efficient, while Qi wireless charging is convenient.

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