FiiO CP13 Portable Stereo Cassette Player

1-Year Local Warranty.


Any mention of "us," "we," "our," etc is by FiiO, not AV One.


Nostalgia for the classics, FiiO CP13

Ultra-low Wow and Flutter

Oversized pure copper flywheel

100% pure analogue sound

Custom-balanced amplification head

Classic audiophile op-amp JRC5532

High voltage motor power supply

Dual-colour all-aluminium alloy chassis

Dual-mode power supply

Long-lasting 13 hours of battery life


Classic way to listen

Modern presentation

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, cassette tapes were popular, and cassette players accordingly were popular among multiple generations.

Today, however, the supply chain for cassette players is nearly non-existent, making the initial stages of the CP13 project extremely difficult – nearly leading us to cancel the project.

But after investing much time, effort, and deep cooperation with the supply chain, we were able to slowly continue working on the CP13 leading to its current release. We may be nostalgic for the classics, but we are always looking for new ways to present the music. We want to be able to relive those days of familiar and comfortable pure analogue sound.


Basic specifications:

Colour: Sky blue/White and black

Supported cassette types: All Types I to IV)

Output: 2-track stereo playback

Dimensions: About 120*88.3*31.8mm

Output level: Greater than 250mV

SNR: >55dB

Weight: About 310g

Battery: 1800mAh lithium cobalt oxide

Battery life: >13 hours@40mV

Standby time: > 268 days

Note: Due to inherent properties of cassette tapes, the noise floor is significantly more audible compared to digital audio players. Please keep this in mind before purchasing.

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