FiiO FT5 Open Planar Magnetic Headphones

1 Year Local Warranty.


  • Large 90mm planar driver
  • 6μm ultra-thin diaphragm
  • Micron-plated aluminium-silver alloy coil
  • Open-backed design
  • Lightweight magnesium alloy construction
  • 20 neodymium magnets per driver
  • High sensitivity, easy to power
  • Included 392 wires of high-purity monocrystalline copper cable
  • 2 types of earpads included



Abundant accessories

3.5mm interchangeable plug*1

4.4mm interchangeable plug*1 (pre-installed at factory)

6.35mm male to 3.5mm female adapter*1

XLR-4 male to 4.4mm female balanced adapter*1

Leather storage case*1

Velvet bag*1

Protein leather earpads*1 pair

Suede earpads*1 pair (pre-installed at factory)

Headphone cable*1

User manual*1


Basic specifications

Headphone type: Open planar magnetic headphones

Frequency response: 7Hz-40kHz

Driver type: 90mm planar magnetic

Driver material: PAR diaphragm + aluminium alloy coils

Impedance: 36

Sensitivity: 110dB/Vrms(@1kHz) | 96dB/mW(@1kHz)

Max power input: 2000mW

Weight: About 456g (exclude cable)

Earpad pressure: 4.0N±0.3N

Cable length: About 1.5m

Cable material: 392 wires of high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper

Cable connector: Dual 3.5mm plugs on headphone end, with swappable audio plugs

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