FiiO FX15 1 Dynamic 1 BA 4 Electrostatic Tribrid IEMs

1-Year Local Warranty.

Sonion electrostatic tweeters

Knowles mid and treble Bas

10mm DLC dynamic driver

Electrostatic on/off switch

"Sound and Form" harmonic design

Custom 3D printed shell

224 wires 8 strands cable

MMCX detachable cable

Interchangeable audio plugs

Patented S.Turbo acoustic design

Hi-end specially-tuned frequency response curve

Hi-Res Audio certified

“Static” embracement of endless possibilities 

Sonion electrostatic drivers

Electrostatic drivers are known for their high-frequency detail reproduction, but such drivers are usually used in extremely expensive IEMs out of reach out of most audiophiles. The FiiO FX15 employs 4 electrostatic drivers per channel that not only provide exceptional ultra-high frequency extension[1], but are exceptionally quick and able to reproduce every last detail in your music, giving the listener a taste of true high-end audio.

[1] Frequency response curve of  the EST driver used in the FX15


Smoothly gentle

A classic in the making

Knowles mid and treble BAs 

The FX15 adopts the proven Knowles ED-29689 balanced armature driver to handle the mids and lower treble frequency ranges, due to the driver’s smooth, lush, yet detailed sound. In addition, the R&D team reduced the sensitivity of this BA driver through the shell design and other methods. This ensures that the BA and electrostatic drivers output their respective frequency ranges without interference from each other – resulting in the two drivers working together in harmony with a smooth overall frequency response curve.

Rigid yet flexible

Giving your music soul

10mm DLC dynamic driver

The FX15 features a 10mm DLC dynamic driver, chosen for its high rigidity, high damping coefficient, and other positive attributes – allowing the driver to deliver a robust, full sound that manages to be both highly detailed yet pleasant to listen to. And in order to achieve harmony between the dynamic, BA, and electrostatic drivers, the R&D team specially redesigned the structure of the dynamic driver, leading to a coherent sound from the bass to the ultra-high frequencies in the FX15’s frequency response curve.

Free of cerebral biases

Instant AB

Electrostatic on/off switch

We have added a switch that specifically turns on and off the electrostatic drivers, allowing the listener to instantly AB between having and not having the drivers. Easily and instantly experience the impact of electrostatic drivers on your music.

  • On: Electrostatic driver is on
  • — : Electrostatic driver is off

Delicate sound

Reminiscent of gingko beauty

“Sound and Form” harmonic design

The FX15 is a highly resolving IEM that is more than capable of reproducing sound frequencies above 20kHz. To visually represent its capabilities, the FX15 features a design that embodies the ethos of “sound and form” working together in harmony. The golden gingko leaves imposed on the FX15 shell cover serve as a visual reminder of its brilliant and vivid sound that fully allows the listener to discover the stories embedded within the music.


Industry Leader HeyGears

Custom 3D printed shell

FiiO cooperated with HeyGears to create a shell that features both excellent comfort and durability, to let the listener fully enjoy the highly resolving electrostatic IEM without worry. The FX15’s shell is made using the advanced DLP-3D printing method with printing accuracy down to 0.0375mm, ensuring that each FX15 shell is accurately molded to ensure highly consistent sound between every unit made. In addition, the FX15’s shell is made of photosensitive resin, which features high impact resistance, providing robust protection for the electrostatic and balanced armature drivers.

A good cable for great sound

224 wires 8 strands cable

*The cable is identical to the LC-RD Pro 2022

In-line twist-lock interchangeable audio plugs

3.5/4.4mm audio plugs with expanded MMCX connectors


Exceptional sound

Painstakingly crafted

Hi-end specially-tuned frequency response curve


Hi-Res Audio certified

Basic specifications

Headphone type: Dynamic BA Electrostatic Tribrid IEMs

Wearing method: In-ear, around-the-ear


Knowles balanced armature*1

10mm DLC dynamic driver*1

Sonion electrostatic driver*4 (one driver unit contains 4 drivers)

Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 24Ω@1kHz

Sensitivity: 103dB/mW@1kHz

Cable: 8 strands totaling 224 wires of high-purity silver

Cable length: About 1.2m

Ear unit weight: About 6g (not including cable)

Earphone connector: Expanded MMCX

Audio plug: Twist-lock interchangeable plugs


Abundant accessories

Foam ear tips*2pairs (M), Bass ear tips*3 pairs (S/M/L), Balanced ear tips*3 pairs (S/M/L) (M pre-installed),

Vocal ear tips*3 pairs (S/M/L), SpinFit ear tips *3 pairs (S/M/L), Dual flange ear tips*2 pairs (M), HS18 ear tips *3 pairs (S/M/L),

HB5 carrying case*1, Cleaning brush*1, MMCX quick release tool*1, Magnetic clip*1,

Interchangeable plug silver cable*1, 3.5/4.4mm interchangeable plugs *1 (4.4mm pre-installed), Manual*1

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