HiFi Rose RS520 Advanced All In One Network Streamer

1-Year Local Warranty.

Advanced All-In-One
Network Streamer RS520

Combination of Convenience and Top-Notch Sound Quality:
The Birth of a New All-in-One Network Streamer

RS520 is an all-in-one product with built-in network player, DAC, and amplifier.

For DAC and amplifier module, it is equipped with ES9038PRO DAC, the flagship DAC chip of ESS technology and Class AD amplifier module developed by applying new material GaN FET are mounted.

RS520 is an advanced all-in-one network streamer that consolidates the main functions of existing all-in-one streamers into one based on ROSE’s unique design know-how and functions accumulated over many years.



Unchangeable Value

The design of the RS520 focused on values that did not change over time.

A refined design that will not change over time and a bold ventilation hole for heat dissipation represent a gentleman with both functionality and enterprising appearance.


Integral Aluminium Housing

The housing of RS520, which is made with generous use of high-durability 6000 class aluminium material, is manufactured by an all-in-one process in which four sides are produced as one part.

The all-in-one manufacturing process is the most ideal method to fundamentally block vibrations that may occur between separated parts, significantly reducing noise waves that can affect sound quality.


12.6-Inch Wide LCD Touchscreen

Visible audio is emphasized using Hi-Fi ROSE’s spacious, wide-viewing-angle multi-touch LCD screen. With a size of 309*82.9 (mm) and a 1920*515 resolution LCD panel, you can enjoy a smooth and clear screen.


Technical Features


It is equipped with ES9038PRO, the flagship DAC chip of ESS technology, a world-class DAC manufacturer. ES9038PRO has extremely low total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) of -122 dB, and dynamic range (DNR) of 140 dB making it the industry’s best DAC chip. The maximum sampling frequency and bit rate are PCM 768 kHz, 32 bit, and DSD512 is supported. In addition, it is equipped with ESS technology’s exclusive jitter canceller to provide exceptional audio clarity.


GaN based Class AD Amplifier

The class-AD amplifier mounted on RS520 uses a new material GaN (gallium nitride) FET to dramatically reduce the “dead time” by 1/3 to maximize linearity.

Please enjoy the powerful output of 250 W per channel with Hi-Fi ROSE’s class-AD amplifier that maximises operating speed and accuracy to achieve the perfect class-D amplifier structure.


Discrete OP AMP

Discrete operational amplifier developed by ROSE is applied to the IV circuit that is essential for current DAC.Hi-Fi ROSE focused on high open loop gain and aimed to achieve low open loop distortion, low noise, low drift, and low off set. In addition, this operational amplifier has a wide bandwidth and power supply range essential for high-quality analogue audio amplification, adding a sense of depth to the sound.

So, by reproducing the vividness of the deep bass and treble like a live performance, it makes the resonance of the inter-band connection very comfortable.



The main reason for applying power factor correction (PFC) is efficiency improvement.

Active PFC efficiency: 95% / Passive PFC efficiency: 68 - 80%

By adopting Active PFC technique, the highest power-saving effect with 95% efficiency can be expected. In addition, it can respond more effectively to a wide range of input power of AC 80 - 265 V, so the power quality can be improved and it does not produce audible audio hum noise.



RS520 supports the equalizer function (hereafter EQ) that can emphasise (boost) or attenuate (cut) a specific frequency band of a voice signal. The RS520 EQ is a parametric equalizer that can set the frequency band for amplification and attenuation arbitrarily, and can adjust the bandwidth of the Q-factor for each frequency. Five frequency bands can be set, and each can be adjusted up to ±10 dB.





Customised Android 7.1



Size: 346(W) x 328(D) x 127(H) mm

Weight: 8.1kg

Display: 12.6” TFT LCD & Capacitive Touch Screen (eDP)



Dual-core Cortex-A72 up to 1.8GHz / Quad-core Cortex-A53 up to 1.4GHz



Mali-T864 GPU, OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0/3.1, OpenVG1.1, OpenCL, DX11





ESS Technology, SABRE ES9038PRO

Resolution: 32bit

Sampling Rate: 8 to 768kHz

Native DSD Support: 22.4MHz (DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512)


More information available on HiFi Rose official site.

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