Kimber Kable Axios Ag Headphone Cable for Abyss 1266 Phi

  • The first products that Kimber Kable designed were the braided 8 wire (4PR) and 16 wire (8PR) speaker cables. The AXIOS headphone cable follows this classic Kimber Kable braided design, revisited for high resolution headphones. The cable utilizes a very flexible OFHC copper wire braid comprised of 16 FEP insulated 24 gauge stranded conductors. We developed a new precision hand-braided process which allows the conductors to seamlessly separate from 16 wires to 8 wires within the transition, eliminating the need for a solder joint. Each connector is finished with hand-polished hardwoods to match the beauty of your headphones.
  • 16, 24AWG pure silver conductors (cores)
  • Hand finished AXIOS connectors are beautifully finished with exotic hard woods by our craftsmen in Ogden Utah USA.

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