Naim NAC 332 Preamplifier

2 Years Local Warranty.

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NAC 332

Pure Analogue Preamplifier

The NAC 332 preamplifier is the digitally controlled, pure analogue centre of your system. Each and every audio stage is meticulously designed using discrete transistors, building on 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance audio systems. It features a precision fixed resistor volume control and a class-A headphone amplifier, with XLR and RCA outputs.


NAC 332

Combining performance and versatility, the NAC 332 can be easily configured to suit your audio world. Map any input button to any of the 8 input sockets, such as balanced XLR, DIN and RCA, allowing simple connection to any audio source. The NAC 332 has a powered DIN socket for connection with the NVC TT phono stage. The front panel has a ¼ inch headphone socket. Behind the socket is a 1.5W state-of-the-art headphone amplifier. On the rear panel, twin outputs of XLR and RCA allow connection to a variety of power amplifiers, or the ability to bi-amp.


Naim know-how

Under the leadership of our Technical Director, our engineers have developed innovative electronic circuits to give the New Classic products excellent audio performance. The best components have been auditioned for their audio performance, such as through-hole resistors used in the volume control. The architecture of the Statement volume control is carried over to the NAC 332, using reed relays to switch between the volume resistors. This ensures premium sound quality, the ability to have adjustable input sensitivity and the capability to set a maximum volume level.


A timeless design

Naim products are designed to be both contemporary and timeless. Our creations forgo any unnecessary embellishment that would detract from the performance and sound quality. The NAC 332 combines a sleek design, premium materials, adjustable logo brightness and engineered touch points such as the precision raced bearing volume control.


Perfect integration in a complete system

Bi-directional wireless inter-product communication is used to connect the NAC 332 to the NSS 333 streamer, making them as easy to use as a single-box system. Optical control synchronises seamlessly with New Classic power amplifiers, such as the NAP 350.


Easy to use

Simplicity is the key. Buttons on the front panel allow quick access to inputs, volume, standby mode and mute. The bi-directional ZigBee remote allows complete control even without direct visibility of the product. The NAC 332 automatically detects no music and after 20 minutes will put the system into 0.5W stand-by mode.


The story of Naim and aluminium

Our founder, Julian Vereker, immediately understood the many benefits of aluminium as a material for wrapping Naim electronic components. He knew that delicate audio components are very sensitive to the effects of magnetic fields, unstable temperatures, unwanted vibrations, etc.

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