[Pre-order] Holo Audio May KTE DAC

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Demo available at The Adelphi showroom.

3 Years Local Warranty.


Any mention of "us," "we," "our," etc is by Holo Audio, not AV One.


-May Dac = “The possibility of.”

The May DAC is here! over 3 years of waiting and tremendous R&D to achieve a new level of performance and sound quality that sets a new standard. Ultimate endgame DAC. Natural Analogue sound with no compromise. Having the best measurements of NOS R2R DACs. And delivering our intoxicating sound signature that Holo Audio is known for.


This new DAC “May” is the design of a new generation, it’s Holo Audio’s finest technology all designed by Jeff Zhu, the engineer behind these great products. It’s a full discrete R2R type of audio decoder and does not have an off-the-shelf DAC chip! This is a bespoke custom-designed core DUAL MONO DAC modules that are truly a breakthrough with technology for any DAC chip today. The May is here to achieve new heights, new dynamics and simply a full spectrum of audio to please the aural senses.


More about the May DAC.

  • The new generation of linear compensation technology solves the accuracy errors caused by resistor tolerance, after compensation, reaching a variance of 0.00005% tolerance accuracy.
  • Proprietary anti-jitter technology that provides a full amplitude of anti-jitter without increasing noise floor and other undesirable effects.
  • Based on this new generation of technology May “梅” can provide a SINAD of >115dB and a dynamic range of >130dB, which represents the performance limit reached by today’s most advanced R2R architecture DAC.
  • Using the ultimate performance of PLL+FIFO technology, provides 0.1Hz Third-Order low-pass ability to inhibit jitter. It also uses a high-performance femtosecond VCXO as the PLL clock source. Under the premise of being almost immune to the front-end jitter, it can also lock up to 1.5us-2us @ 1KHz signal with high jitter. (It can lock up to 1.5us-2us @ 1kHz signal with high jitter on the premise of almost being immune front-end jitter).
  • Dual Mono DAC L/R channels are independently powered by their own dedicated transformer in the PSU chassis. This provides better channel separation and more accurate sound stage.
  • Official Support USB and I2S up to DSD1024 and PCM1.536MHz sample rate.
  • The USB interface uses proprietary firmware with ultra-low latency, a highly reliable data transmission, ideal USB eye pattern measurements that contributes to 2-4 times higher performance than official firmware.
  • Two sets of independent HDMI-I2S input interfaces are provided, and each set of I2S has a four-way independent circuit, as opposed to standard LVDS chip, making I2S clock signals subject to lower interference and lower jitter. In addition, each group of I2S inputs can be configured with specific pinout configuration, making it compatible with most of the HDMI-I2S digital devices on the market.


The following is added to KTE May:

  1. 100VA DUAL O-type(not Toroid) FLATWIRE (NOT roundwire) 6N Copper custom handmade audio transformers. (All models)
  2. All copper wire is replaced with 1.5mm pure occ silver wire. Only KTE model
  3. Hand Selected DAC modules to have best measurements compared to averages. Higher dynamic range. Only KTE model.
  4. CNC Black/Copper shield DAC Module Covers on each module with laser etched KTE logos. Only KTE model.
  5. Replaced IEC inlet connectors with pure silver/rhodium plated faston connectors at the IEC inlet Only KTE model.
  6. Fuse is upgraded with world class Red Nano fuse with gold/silver and graphene and quartz filtering materials. Only KTE Model
  7. Standard Vishay caps are replaced/upgraded with KTE capacitors***

***unique ONLY to MAY KTE – KTE Caps to replace Vishay on the L1/L2 models (we have done extensive testing and these prove to provide intoxicating voicing and are beyond subtle improvements over L1/L2)

  1. Custom made Holo Audio 1000V 1uF caps (replaces standard mundorf evo silver/gold caps)
  2. Enhanced USB module with Titanis 2.0 circuit

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