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8 Pro is an iterative update product of qdc, which has undergone seven years of technological innovation, ranging from a single switch Gemini to a four switch Anole V14 which combines three series of 8BA into one.

It adopts the latest patented technology for single pole linkage filter adjustment, combining the original HiFi, Studio, and Live versions into one. With one switch, it can complete three configurations of standard tuning, simplifying complexity and adapting to three different scenarios.

Equipped with 8BA on each side, it has achieved breakthrough improvements in sound balance, low-frequency diving, high-frequency extension, and sound range expansion. The universal version of the headphone is handmade with a carbon fiber casing, which not only achieves durability and lightweight, but also improves the resonance of the sound BA inside the cavity, making the sound more stable and noble.

Equipped as standard with a brand new 12pro black cable and a brand new 3-in-1 interchangeable straight plug, it not only meets the needs of more players, but also makes stage performances more convenient. The carbon fiber texture storage box and walnut outer packaging box are light and luxurious.



Input sensitivity: 104-108dB SPL/mW

Frequency response range: 10 Hz -30000 Hz

Impedance: 19-62 ohms

Drive: 8 BA each side

Noise reduction: 26dB

Cable plug: 3-in-1 interchangeable straight plug

Cable: black 12pro copper silver mixed braided cable

Shell colour: optional (customised)

Technical features: 3 frequency division, 3 sound channels, natural restoration, outstanding sound quality

Classification: Universal and customised

Frequency response types: 3 kinds

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