QDC Anole V-14S IEM

1-Year Local Warranty.


After two-year efforts of research and development, the latest flagship in-ear monitor of qdc, Anole V14 is striking, which carries ten new customized Balanced Armature (BA) drivers and four EST electrostatic drivers. Thanks to the new customized low-frequency drivers, the Ultra-Low-Frequency (ULF) performance of V14 is far better than that of the previous flagship in-ear monitors, which is a brand-new breakthrough. Anole V14 is equipped with new customized EST electrostatic drivers that significantly expand Ultra-High-Frequency (UHF) to 50 kHz and greatly improves the sensitivity of the electrostatic drivers. Hence, the “hard-driving” problem of electrostatic headphones is solved.

Anole V14 realizes radical changes in tone and colour. The new 4 tuning switches have several multi-channel frequency dividers based on the patented qdc multi-tube filtering technology, and the switches adopt the patented technology of adjacent frequency band crosstalk suppression and phase compensation so that the four frequency bands are adjusted without interference, and 16 tuning styles are realized.

The panel is made of 3D three-dimensional fluorescent material: After absorbing ultraviolet light or sunlight, it will change into a green light, just like an "Anole" at night. The shell is made of colourful flashes and laser gilt inlay technology, adding an elegant style.


Remarks: V14 universal is only available in one design.



Input sensitivity: 105-108 dB SPL/mW

Frequency response range: 10 Hz-50000 Hz

Impedance: 12-20 ohms

Driver: 14 drivers on each side

Noise reduction: 26 dB

Plug: V14 DM 3 in 1 changeable

Cable: 12C copper & silver mixed braided standard cable

Shell colour: Option in a custom version

Technical features: 4 crossovers,4 sound channels, multiple tuning style

Classifications: Universal

Frequency response: 16 tuning 

Recommended for: Monitoring and music lovers

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