1-Year Local Warranty.

From 2019 qdc successively launched the hybrid of dynamic and BA of Fusion and Uranus. Four years later, in the coming of 2023, our hybrid design get into a new era. The hybrid is Folk (folk song), which is a customised earphone for vocals launched based on the professional recording studio series.

Depending on the qdc patented acoustic cavity, Folk adopts a new design of dynamic, BA and flat panel driver, which has the low frequency elasticity of dynamic, the accurate medium and high frequency of BA and the ultra-high frequency advantage of flat panel. The sound is neutral and natural, and is the favourite of jazz, folk songs and chamber music lovers.

The Folk development began golden autumn. The logo is inspired by the golden maple and uses the gold phoebe faceplate with the golden transparent shell, which is a process model of qdc's pure handmade. Three-in-one replaceable plug, silver-plated copper standard cable, suitable for a variety of players. Handmade bamboo packaging and cloth art portable case are first time to be used to show the tradition and dignity of folk.



Input sensitivity: 101 SPL/mW    

Frequency response range: 10 Hz-40000 Hz

Impedance: 15 ohms

Driver: 1 BA and 1 dynamic and 1 flat panel

Noise reduction: 26 dB

Cable: Silver 4C silver-plated copper mix braided cable with DM 3 in 1 replaceable plug

Shell colour: Transparent gold for universal, other designs optional for customised

Technical features: 3 hybrid drivers

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