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Refreshed with a customisable LED touch panel, powerful DSP features and even better audio, the MV7+ Podcast Microphone is a dynamic microphone built for discerning podcasters, streamers and musicians. This updated version offers USB-C and XLR outputs, an improved Auto Level Mode, as well as a new digital pop filter, real-time Denoiser and reverb effects. Select from millions of colour options to make the touch-to-mute LED panel as unique as the audio you’re recording.


Tap the Full Spectrum of Sound.

The MV7+ is the latest iteration of a microphone designed for creators looking to take control of their audio and dive into a vibrant world of colour. Capture broadcast-quality audio in even the most challenging of spaces and customise the new LED touch panel to suit your style perfectly.

  • Voice Isolation Technology separates your voice from unwanted background sounds, so you can make perfect recordings every time.
  • The improved Auto Level Mode adjusts your mic’s gain based on distance, volume and spatial detection for optimised audio levels.
  • The real-time Denoiser uses cutting-edge DSP technology to eliminate ambient noise in your room.
  • A new Digital Popper Stopper™ removes harsh plosive sounds so you can avoid acoustic distractions on your audio tracks and a physical pop filter on camera when you’re filming.
  • Take advantage of three types of reverb (Plate, Hall, Studio) for enhanced depth and richness in music recordings.
  • Enjoy easy connectivity no matter the recording setup with USB-C and XLR outputs.
  • Download the free MOTIV Mix™ Desktop App to configure the LED touch panel from 16.8 million colour options.
  • Use the app to optimise mic settings like sound signature, gain and much more.
  • Instantly mute the microphone by tapping anywhere on the LED panel.
  • Monitor your audio in real-time via the 3.5mm headphone jack.



  • 1 MV7+ Black
  • 1 USB-C to USB-C cable
  • 1 Quick Start Guide



  • MV7+ works with MOTIV Mix™ desktop app on Windows 10 and higher / Mac OS 12 and higher, requires minimum 8 GB of RAM, 20% or more hard disk space.
  • MV7+ works with MOTIV Audio & Video apps on iOS 16 and higher / Android OS 12 and higher.
  • For MOTIV Mix desktop app, MOTIV Audio mobile app, & MOTIV Video mobile app compatibility requirements, please check their respective product pages.



The MV7+ Podcast Microphone brings customizable colour and improved performance to a microphone tailored to recording perfect audio in less than perfect spaces. Forget about the distractions and capture great content at home, on the go, or in a professional studio with dual USB-C and XLR outputs. Tap the new LED touch panel to mute your mic and add your own style by choosing from millions of colour combinations.



Styled for streamers.

Add vibrant colour to your videos with 16.8 million hues to choose from. The LED touch panel functions as a level meter or eye-catching pulsing light.

Perfect for podcasters.

Inspired by the legendary SM7B, with improved Auto Level Mode, a real-time Denoiser, and Digital Popper Stopper for the ultimate podcast microphone.

Made for musicians.

Connect your laptop or iPhone with USB-C, or into an interface via the XLR connector. Enjoy latency-free monitoring via the headphone jack.



Use Voice Isolation Technology to focus on your voice and avoid unwanted background noises, ensuring great sound even in noisy environments.

Configure your MV7+ Podcast Microphone via the MOTIV Mix Desktop App to adjust the LED panel and optimise settings such as sound signature, gain, EQ, and compression.

The LED touch panel acts as a live audio meter. Tap anywhere on the touch panel to mute your mic instantly.

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