Spendor Classic Speaker Stands for 100, 1/2, 2/3, 3/1 & 4/5

1 Year Local Warranty.

Stands for Spendor Classic 100, 1/2, 2/3, 3/1 and 4/5.


The new Spendor Classic stand is an innovative and highly effective engineering solution. The loudspeaker cabinet is supported on four slim solid alloy pillars. The pillars are rigidly tied together via two independent machined solid alloy hubs. The result is a completely stable ultra-rigid lightweight non-resonant structure, that results in no spurious noise or vibration to detract from the natural dynamics, transparency, soundstage and detail of your music.


  • An elegant, practical loudspeaker stand that allows the most demanding listeners to realise the absolute maximum sound quality performance from their Spendor Classic loudspeakers.
  • Every component is precision machined to ensure direct metal-metal contact at every junction with no flex or play at any of the mechanical interfaces between the individual components.
  • Everything is designed and manufactured in the UK.

Description: Rigid open-frame non-resonant lo-mass loudspeaker stand

Material: Precision machined solid alloy with stainless steel top supports

Assembly: Supplied fully assembled

Finish: Satin black with fine machined stainless steel top-supports

Cabinet supports: Hi-grip non-slip rigid clear polymer discs

Spike feet: M8 top adjustable stainless steel spikes with lock nuts Adjustable length 25 – 35mm

Accessories: 5mm hex key and 8mm spanner

Spendor loudspeaker stands are designed and manufactured in the UK

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