Westone Audio MACH 70 Professional In-Ear Musician's Monitor

2 Years Local Warranty.



Large and wide extension with a smooth top end and commanding bass is what to expect from MACH 70s impressive soundstage; a listening experience perfect for all people and music genres. The MACH 70 features a proprietary seven-driver system with single low, dual mids, and quad highs and a 3-way passive crossover.



  • 3-way Passive Crossover
  • DRIVERS: Seven Balanced-Armature Drivers
  • FREQ RESPONSE: 5Hz – 22kHz
  • SENSITIVITY: 110dB @1kHz
  • IMPEDANCE: 42 Ohms @1kHz



An ergonomic design allows all day use, with no ear fatigue.


The UltraBaX cable is a no compromise quad-twisted cable with a super low impedance of .6 Ohms. It has been designed to bring out the best in your music without colouring or altering the sound you hear in any way.


Protect your MACH 70 from the elements in a crushproof, watertight and dustproof Case from Pelican™. Also includes five pairs each of Westone Audio proprietary foam and silicone tips to ensure the perfect seal with maximum comfort.

The flagship MACH 70’s seven-driver design utilizes a proprietary bass driver with dual mid and quad high drivers with a 3- way crossover. The resulting tuning showcases a balanced signature that has extra emphasis on bass along with natural detailed tonality. The low end has a deeper well-controlled bass with a tight mid-bass punch. The mids & vocals are clear, detailed, and natural. Treble is clear, articulate and extended without being fatiguing.

The sound signature boasts world-class resolution, retrieval with a soundstage that has immense width and depth and 3D holographic.  The MACH 70 Flagship will excel with all musicians, DJs, gamers, and music lovers that enjoy rich bass without compromising details or resolution.  


Mach 70 Universal fit in-ear Monitors

Linum UltraBaX™ T2 Cable

5 Pair Foam + 5 Pair Silicone Tips

Impact Resistant Pelican™ Case

Westone Audio Cloth Bag


The Westone Audio MACH Series™ combines 35+ years of engineering and performance excellence to deliver sound quality the way it was intended to be heard. Every aspect of the MACH Series™ from the molded housings to the metal faceplates and carefully engineered drivers have been chosen with careful consideration to achieve harmony and balance. The result is an extremely lightweight and comfortable earpiece that can be enjoyed for hours on end, whether that be on stage, on the go, or simply listening at home. The Mach series sets a new benchmark for superior ergonomics and premium sound on and off the stage.

Experience music your way; the Westone Audio way and celebrate the artist in you.

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