Aroma Audio Witch Girl W6.2 IEM

We launched our award-winning Witch Girl Series 5 years ago. In light of the market demands, we will be releasing the successor to the Witch Girl Pro aka W6 – Witch Girl W6.2. The W6.2 is built on the foundation of the Pro/W6 with similar driver configuration but utilizing new drivers. Our experience for the past 5 years comes in useful for this new product. The W6.2 will be using 4 sound tubes and 3 way crossover design. This new implementation provides a more musical experience. With the new drivers, the W6.2 has increased sonic potential – Sparkly Clear Highs, Focused Engaging Mids, Extended Punchy Lows. The dynamic drivers give a sense of air and spaciousness for the listener. The shell design will be the same as before as we feel it is very good for long listening sessions. The serial number will be in the format, W6.2-XXXXXX.


Hybrid Driver Configuration: 6 Drivers ( 4 Balanced Armature, 2 x 8mm Dynamic ) [ 4 Sound Tubes, 3-Way Crossover]

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Sensitivity: 110 dB@1kHz

Impedance: 10 Ω

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