DUNU Falcon Ultra Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitors

1-Year Local Warranty.

DUNU has released an upgrade to its classic Falcon Pro IEMs with the all-new Falcon Ultra. The pair shares the design and ergonomics of the original model, but it has been completely redesigned from the inside out. From an all-new colour scheme enhancing the looks, DUNU has gone the distance by featuring their second-generation ECLIPSE Architecture dynamic driver here with Lithium-magnesium pure metallic alloy dome structure. DUNU Falcon Ultra unlocks new realms of pure sound with its professional tuning & impressive design!!



Second-Generation ECLIPSE Architecture
All-New Lithium-Magnesium Pure Alloy Dome
Fully Independent Soft Suspension Surround
All-New Klein Blue Finish
Rich & Exquisite Mirror-Finish Looks
Precisely Designed For Comfortable Fit & Comfort
External Ring-Type Magnet Assembly
Redesigned Multipath Airflow Damping Arrangement
DUNU’s Latest DUW-02 Pro Modular Stock Cable

Mirror Blue, Ultra Blue

With exacting standards in the production processes, FALCON ULTRA’s stately, elegant mirror blue finish takes anodised surface treatment a step beyond what was previously possible. Whereas the limited-edition FALCON PRO VERNUS was production-limited by low yields, DUNU continues to raise the bar in mass production quality. The stainless-steel housings are polished to a mirror shine and the bevel is sandblasted and frosted with a vintage logo motif to emulate the look of a proof coin.

Precision Fit and Finish

Every compartmentalised volume on the FALCON ULTRA is purposeful and draws on the collective knowledge of DUNU’s 20-year veteran engineering team, leveraging advanced CNC finishing techniques to mill the cast stainless steel housings to exacting tolerances necessary for consistency, build quality, and sound performance.

All-New Driver with 2nd Generation ECLIPSƎ Architecture and Ring-Type Magnet Assembly with Ultra-High Magnetic Flux Density

The all-new driver of the FALCON ULTRA fully delivers on the promise of bringing DUNU’s ultra-high-end ECLIPSƎ technology to the mainstream. DUNU was able to successfully implement our renowned, compositely constructed ECLIPSƎ pure metal foil (completely non-polymer based) diaphragms in a 10.7 mm package. The ultra-rigid and lightweight lithium-magnesium alloy dome fuses with the soft and compliant independent suspension for lightning-fast transients and effortless, accurate music reproduction under any circumstance.

A powerful, newly designed magnet assembly sits at the heart of the FALCON ULTRA. In order to achieve the ultra-high Tesla* rating at the position of the voice coil, the magnet pieces are milled on a CNC lathe to micron-level tolerances. The result is a magnetic flux density that exceeds that of the magnet assembly in the flagship ZEN PRO**, ensuring no detail in music is lost.

* Meets or exceeds the 2T threshold

** All external ring-type magnet designs will cause earpieces to attract/repel one another. No damage will be dealt to the driver under such circumstances. Please protect the exterior finish of the earpieces from scuffs and scratches.

Multipath Airflow Management, Evolved

DUNU engineers evolved the multi-path damping schema originally implemented in the FALCON PRO to balance both ideal damping balance and isolation characteristics in the FALCON ULTRA. Multiple strategically positioned vents are placed over the front and rear chambers, enabling meticulous control over airflow. Coupled with the all-new ECLIPSƎ driver, this design achieves superior dynamics and a robust low-frequency response for an extraordinary audio experience only DUNU can deliver.


Interchangeable Tuning Nozzles

Two sets of interchangeable nozzles are included with the FALCON ULTRA: one constructed from stainless steel and another from gold-plated brass. Both visually and acoustically distinct, the two nozzles enable the user to fine-tune the sound signature to personal tastes.

DUW-02 PRO with Q-Lock LITE

For connectivity with essentially any modern portable digital audio player, FALCON ULTRA tethers a set of 3.5 mm single-ended and 4.4 mm balanced Q-Lock LITE modular plugs to its all-new premium DUW-02 PRO cable (26 AWG monocrystalline silver-plated copper Litz Type 4 wire with silver plating thickness > 30 µm).


Patented Catch-Hold MMCX Connectors

Cross-compatible with all other Equipped with a patented expansion pin using the standard MMCX interface, FALCON ULTRA offers wide compatibility with earphones and cables utilising MMCX pins. The expandable pin design ensures enhanced reliability and durability compared to non-expandable pins.

A Comprehensive Set of Accessories

A DUNU earphone wouldn't be complete without our signature, rich array of accessories. FALCON ULTRA now comes with a larger carrying case, dedicated compartmentalised storage bag for protecting the earpieces, and our newest Candy and S&S ear tips.

Technical Info

Impedance: 16Ω @ 1kHz.

Sensitivity: 108dB±1dB @ 1kHz.

Frequency Response: 5Hz-40kHz.

THD+N: <0.3% at 1kHz.

Cable Material: 4-Core Silver-Plated Copper Litz.

Connector Type: Patented MMCX Connectors.

Termination Options: 3.5mm TRS and 4.4mm TRRS.

Weight: 20g (10g each earpiece)


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